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21 Avr 2016 

Where can i get a working (counter strike)cz wall hack?

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21 Avr 2016 

How cheaters cheat: aimbots |

Knowing about the different types of cheats in video games can help gamers to identify and avoid players using them online. With that concept in mind, I started a series on this column titled "how cheaters cheat" which thus far has covered lag switches, modding, and specialized turbo controllers. One method of cheating not yet covered in the series is aimbots.

A screenshot showing the chams feature of an aimbot in Combat Arms on PC.

Taken from a site promoting the aimbot

So what is an aimbot and how do you use one? An aimbot is a hack cheat that is downloaded onto a USB drive and then activated prior to playing a game online. Generally, aimbots simply help the player by giving them ungodly accuracy. Most shooters on console have a slight aim assist built into them where your reticle "sticks" to an enemy when you look at them as if they were magnetic (check out this video to see what I mean). Think of that concept but on steroids. Not only will your crosshairs be drawn to enemies, but you will score headshots every time. That is what an aimbot does.

It's like how FPS Doug once commented in an episode Pure Pwnage that his dad was nervous whenever he worked in the gun shop because every time he had a gun in his hands, it just automatically pointed at someone's head. That's what an aimbot does in-game.

Here are the listed features of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 aimbot I found while researching the subject online:

Auto AimAuto ShootAuto WallNo SpreadCustomizable Aiming (Head or Chest)Visible Enemies Only (can be toggled to aim at targets behind walls)Locked on IndicatorFriendly AimKnife BotTrigger BotAim Methods: -- Aim at Closest to xhair -- Field of View (includes a modifier for FOV comfort) -- Closest target to youSmooth AimAdvanced Human Aim *NEW* July 2010Customizable Aim KeyAuto Zoom

Sounds pretty ridiculous. Why can't people just play the game normally? Don't people realize that if you need to use some sort of outside device in order to post good scores in a video game it means they themselves actually suck at the game? They think they are impressing people by posting amazingly good scores but the contrary is actually true. They are embarrassing themselves.

Check out the video above to see a Halo: Reach aimbot in action. Not only is there no recoil or bloom on this guy's DMR at all, but he scores headshots every time from across the entire map with very little effort on his part. Because apparently cheating just one way isn't fun enough, many aimbots also have secondary features like the ability to super jump, see through walls, and paint enemies bright neon colors to see them easier (called chamming - see image at top of the article). The one used in that video made the player's gun shoot faster as a DMR is not supposed to be fully automatic.

Aimbots are one of the worst forms of cheating online. As you can probably tell from the video, it completely ruins that game. Nobody else stands a chance. How is that supposed to be fun? Using aimbots is also very risky as the system will be able to detect your hacked files after awhile and ban your console from Xbox LIVE. We're not just talking about banning your gamertag, either, but the entire console itself.

If you suspect someone in one of your games was using an aimbot (and it should be pretty obvious), file a complaint against their gamertag and let Microsoft do the rest.

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21 Avr 2016 

A Collection of Saints Row 4 Cheats for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360

The Next in the RowThe sequel of Saints Row IV, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, will be launched on the 27th of January, 2015. The 2013 version proved a major success for the franchise; Saints Row IV has earned revenue of a whopping USD 13 million, making it one of the best-selling video game franchises.

Saints Row is an action-adventure game series developed by Volition Inc. It has launched four versions of the game till date. The fourth version was launched in 2013, and supports the platforms Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and Windows. The game is all about a gang called the 'Third Street Saints', and features more of an open world framework, quite similar to that of games like Red Dead Redemption, Sleeping Dogs, Grand Theft Auto, and the like.

Saints Row 4 counts as one of the greatest superhero games ever made. Third Street Saints leader is now the president and holds the responsibility to save the United States from a terrorizing alien invasion. The game becomes more entertaining with the use of cheat codes. Below is a list of Saints Row 4 cheat codes that are compatible with PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 (3 most popular platforms). Use them to make the game more interesting and player-dominant. But do remember, when using cheats, the auto-save feature and achievements will be disabled.

While in the game, press the 'BACK' button to enter the 'PAUSE' menu. Once in the menu, go to 'EXTRAS' and select 'CHEATS'. Further, click on 'ADD CHEAT', and use the cheats from the list below.

Saints Row 4 Cheat Codes

Player Cheats Code Effect unlockitall All Unlockables

(Abilities, Powers, Weapons, Vehicles, Customization, Activities, etc.) cheese Get Cash ($100,000) letsrock Get game cheats a Set of Weapons vroom Vehicles Become Damage Proof repaircar Repairs Current Vehicle goodygoody Clears Wanted Level (Notoreity) nowardens Disables Wardens instantwarden Instant Warden Notoriety superblast Unlocks 'Blast' Superpower superbuff Unlocks 'Buff' Superpower superdfa Unlocks 'Death from Above' Superpower superstomp Unlocks 'Stomp' Superpower supersaints Unlocks 'Super Saints' Superpower runfast Unlimited Sprint supertk Unlocks 'Telekinesis' Superpower nosupermove Disables Super Movement nosuperpowers Disables All Superpowers World Cheats Code Effect ascii Enables ASCII Mode bigheadmode Enables Big Head Mode noglitchcity Disables Glitch FX evilcars Cars Try to Run Over You fastforward Fast-Forward (Clock Speeds Up) fryhole Corpses Rise Into the Air insanecity Everyone Goes Insanse mascot All Pedestrians Turn Into Mascots hohoho All Pedestrians Turn Into Pimps and Prostitutes isquishyou Your Vehicle Easily Smashes Other Vehicles

(Note: The cheat codes mentioned here are common to all three platforms in question)

We hope you had a great time using these codes in the game. If you find any code which is not mentioned in the above list, you could always leave a comment in the section below. After this, you'll surely get around pre-ordering the Saints Row's sequel.

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20 Avr 2016 


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20 Avr 2016 

Xbox One Consoles, Games and Accessories

Discover the ultimate in entertainment with Xbox One, the all-in-one gaming system you won't be able to stop playing. Browse our selection of Xbox One console bundles, which come with a variety of games and accessories to enhance your gaming experience.

Xbox One delivers the ability to play games with your friends on a powerful network of servers, bringing you maximum performance. Use the Smart Match function to find challengers who fit your skill level and style. The Xbox One console can also turn your most exciting gaming moments into customized movies that you can then share with friends.

Discover a host of other features, including the ability to broadcast your gameplay live, switch quickly to other apps, and connect with loved ones via Skype. And the best part? Now, you can do two things at once play the hottest new release, watch live TV, check out your favorite movie, and more.

From first person shooter games to those featuring sports, dance, simulation technology, favorite Disney characters, and more, Xbox One features some of the best games money can buy. Whether you're a diehard gamer or just love the occasional gameplay, you're sure to find Xbox One games to fit your taste.

Make your games even better with Xbox One accessories. Try the Xbox One chat headset, which keeps your in-game communications crisp. Or, discover the Xbox One wireless controller, which delivers precise fingertip feedback through New Impulse Trigger technology. Check out a variety of other Xbox One accessories like the Xbox One Media Remote, power kit, game capture, and more.

Want even more from your Xbox One? Join Xbox Live Gold, which brings you a 12-month membership featuring perks like free Xbox One games and Internet games, faster opponent matchmaking for online play, and discounts on your favorite games.

At Microsoft, you'll find the best Xbox One games, accessories, and console bundles. Shop the latest products and releases today!

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