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20 Avr 2016 

Social City Cheat Guides - How You Can not Get Banned and Legally Dominate in Frontierville

I have been previously playing Petville for a time and realized that We've got more competitive. I started to wonder what secrets the most notable mafias were using. They were building their mafias so fast and racking up points daily. This is a little frustrating particularly when some of my online friends seemed to be easily building their mafia and winning fights.

This naturally sent me running online searching for cheats and codes to help me Dominate. I literally spent hours looking company, I ran across many sites offering their secrets - but maybe just like me you are concerned that some illegal cheats can get you banned. Rightly so, the final thing I desired would have been to loose my current rankings and possess to get started on all over again because of an illegal cheat that somebody placed on the site which i do not know anything about!

I knew the fundamentals from the game and was still plodding along gaining weapons and desperately continuing to keep my energy points but I am not sure should i be just too competitive however i really wanted to Dominate with this game, it's just so much fun when you are ranking up Godfather points.

I headed up to a site has every one of the legal Petville Cheat Guides in one location. This got a breeze will be able to take a look at what each one had to offer and make a decision on what one drawn me. To be honest I purchased two different guides - Dominate Frontierville and Frontierville Cheater Guide. I will be so glad Used to do. Are intended for instant download and so i could start reading them immediately and greatest of all use what I learned within my game.

All of authors from the guides did actually know a lot more than Used to about Mafia Wars and had some very impressive facts on his or her sites. It absolutely was difficult to choose but they're all cheap i really felt comfortable with my purchases.

I decided Dominate Frontierville given it seemed to be the most famous one; the sales site had a great deal of information plus a compelling video to watch. One of several other pursuits I liked is that they present you with free updates - everybody knows that things change fast in Mafia Wars so this is a major advantage.

Furthermore, i chose Mafia Wars Cheater Guide - again the writer impressed me with their stats about the sales page, plus they are only supplying the guide to get a short time so only a lucky few is certain to get insiders secrets. I want to to become among the people to understand it before they stopped offering it.

Both these guides offer different cheats and secrets i really am happy to have my choice. Naturally, they included a cash back guarantee however, I will be enjoying tying out your cheats an excessive amount of so feel very very pleased with my purchase.

I truly do spend some time within the forums and also this helps me build my Mafia but young people need an excuse to participate yours. Dominate Frontierville and Social city Cheater Guide has certainly given me the ability in order to get visitors to desire to join my Mafia and I was happily surprised about how much I've learnt and exactly how fast my game is improving.

Well I am going returning to play Social city, Do you enjoyed my article and if you'll be able to drag yourself from you game then free game hack look with the link below and that i can promise you with thankful when you're using legal cheats to Dominate.

If just like me you're playing Social city on Facebook, or maybe, you want MySpace, or your iPhone you might be perhaps wondering getting points and build your mafia quicker.

It can be fun but in addition frustrating as well as perhaps just like me allowing you to go hunting the internet for cheats. These cheats can easily improve your game but don't forget that a few of the illegal ones may also get you banned. I for one would not want to lose my hard-earned status in Frontierville.

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Author's Bio:

jeff is professional content writer he has served a lot of time to search different IT certifiaction and many others hot certification so know more about it see his articles

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20 Avr 2016 

MajorGeeks tops list of safe software download sites

MajorGeeks is proud to announce that The Windows Club listed us first in their recent article, Safe Software Download Sites where they took to task many of the largest download websites and pointed out that many of these sites now bundle their own installers, often including what is considered malware with their downloads.

The Windows Club noticed they often fool you with the big DOWNLOAD NOW button. While we have discussed adding a Download Now button on Majorgeeks, we have always done it differently by having a link that said Download Locations to avoid confusion and deception. You can click any of the links below that or even the Download Locations button itself. Most websites will have 4, 5 or more "Download Now" buttons, most of them being advertisements.

On Majorgeeks, you're NOT looking for the "Download Now" button, although clicking our advertisements is appreciated. :)

These "Download Now" buttons ads come from third party ad networks. We do our best to preview these ads for legitimacy and block the offending ads before they come to market. However, this is a time consuming, manual process and hence an imperfect system.

This confuses a lot of new readers but now you know why we do it a bit differently. On almost every site, including MajorGeeks and even non-software related sites, you will find Download Now type of advertisements because they work so well with our impulsive culture. Hence, looking for the "Download Now" button on any site can often get you in trouble.

Not here.

So, what makes MajorGeeks different?

MajorGeeks has been in the download business since 2002 and yes, it's just about as ugly as it was in 2002. We're geeks - not artists. Prior to 2000 we were called Tweakfiles so you can add a few more years of experience to the list. In those 15+ years not much has changed on MajorGeeks. We look for the top 1% of useful software; test it out in a safe environment for quality, bundled software and malware. If the software is good enough, we list it. Thats it! When the new fad became buttons that said Certified or Tested we made similar buttons but they were sort of redundant because while everyone needed to brag (often lie) that they tested a file, this often meant they were just virus scanning it while we were actually home pc testing it completely.

We do not allow authors to edit their own listings and we do not automate file updates using pad files, both common practices. Were not perfect (I had a mullet in the 80s for crying out loud) but having just a couple of people do this is time consuming. Many authors tend to be surprised when they submit software to Majorgeeks only to be told we will test their software and let them know. The majority of software submitted to MajorGeeks never makes the cut.

Since day once MajorGeeks has battled malware on the internet, promoting anti-malware apps long before the word existed in an environment when our competitors refused to list these titles because they we making boat loads of cash installing that junk on users. The current fad in this arena is toolbars and installers. We have turned down numerous offers to bundle these installers on MajorGeeks. While we are taking our lumps from the economy like everyone else, we think forcing toolbars or installers on you would ruin everything MajorGeeks has always stood for. We know theres a ton of money to be made by doing this, but it doesn't matter how much money you make - when you can't buy back your reputation. When good software we list has something bundled with it that is out of our control, we take care to make sure the user can opt-out in the install process AND we notate that info on the file page in big, bold letters - to help give you a heads up.

In return, we ask that you click an ad occasionally and if you use an ad blocker, maybe you could whitelist MajorGeeks? Finally, we have a new store online at where you can buy t-shirts and other cool gear like Tetris lamps, grenade lighters, cameras, pocket tool knives and more at great prices.

If you have never visited MajorGeeks before, we welcome you to check it out. New files are listed on the front page with news below that each day. On the left side you will find the file categories. Its often better to list by popularity or date to see whats new and what others recommend by the rating or comments. On the right side of the page you will see Top Downloads, Top News and if you scroll a bit more, Trending News or Downloads. We also have a Support Forum where you can get help.

Anyhow, having been at this as long as we have, having someone like The Windows Club giving us props on our 'user first' philosophy, we have to say - it put great big smiles on our great big geeky faces. We try to do this with a lot of attitude, ego and humor and we hope you appreciate the difference.

You can read the entire article, which is done in great detail at

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20 Avr 2016 

PS4 Console – PlayStation 4 Console

The PS4 system focuses on the gamer, ensuring that the very best games and the most immersive experiences are possible on the platform. The PS4 system enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a system that is tuned specifically to their needs. The PS4 system is centered around a powerful custom chip that contains eight x86-64 cores and a state of the art 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor with 8 GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 unified system memory, easing game creation and increasing the richness of content achievable on the platform. The end result is new games with rich, high-fidelity graphics and deeply immersive experiences.

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19 Avr 2016 

Play Free Online Games |®


Earn TOKENS from playing Pogo games, redeem them on Mini items or gifts.

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Take the chance to win cash prizes every day. Take part in our Daily Specials for Tokens and surprises.

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Customise your mini to your mood and share your creativity with other Pogo players.

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Playing is even more fun with friends. Make new friends by chatting with other players on Pogo!

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19 Avr 2016 

How to Truly Enjoy Words with Friends

Mobile games and iPhone games are extremely popular nowadays. A lot of times, you will see people focused on their phones playing or talking to friends about the new app they just got that is really cool. But recently, only one game has become the focus of many: Words with Friends. This game is a lot like Scrabble where you have a board and some tiles and you create words on the board. What is different is that you can play it online whenever you want and you can have as many as 20 games going on at the same time! The best thing about this game is that it has Words with Friends Cheat!

Everyone has had some trouble playing Scrabble every now and then. Finding words from the tiles you have and what are currently on the board can be a bit difficult at times. More so if words are not wallhack really your thing. Thus, Words with Friends Cheat was created. Now, how does this cheat work? Well, you start out with a blank Words with Friends Cheat Board where you will be able to input all the tiles that are currently placed in the game. Once you have gotten all the tiles placed in the cheat board, this cheat will act like a Scrabble word finder. By typing in the tiles that you currently have on your rack, the Words with Friends Word finder will look for the best possible word that you can create to give you the highest number of points possible. One of the great things about the Words with Friends Cheat is that you can even set your vocabulary level so that you can be more subtle about your cheating. Your friends will not even suspect that you are getting help on the side!

Aside from making your life a bit easier whenever you play the game, this cheat will make gameplay a whole lot of fun. Everyone wants to win and if you are tired of always losing, then this is the answer to your prayers! Remember all those times when you had difficulty winning a game of Scrabble? Did you not wish for a Scrabble word builder in the good ole days? Well, here you get to win more than you lose! And if you have ever been at the brunt of humiliating taunts because of your losing streak, then using Words with Friends Cheat is a good way to get a bit of revenge. Would it not be fun to put those lousy winners in their place? If you have intensely competitive family members, you can use this cheat to win against them and have a good laugh when they end up wondering how in the world you got to beat them.

And if you still need a bit of convincing on why you should use Words with Friends Cheat, then how about this: you get to learn a bit while you cheat! Using the Words with Friends helper will teach you words that you have never heard of and a bit of strategy in playing the game. So you end up having fun winning AND learning new things! You might as well try it out just to see if all of these things are true. A little warning: while playing this game can be addictive, using our Words With Friends Cheat can be even more so!

Author's Bio:

The author of this article is a mobile game fanatic and a lover of word puzzles who also happens to have a degree in Psychology. She has written many articles including some about Words With Friends Cheat
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