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07 Avr 2016 

The Top 10 Battlefield 4 Hacks and BF4 Aimbots

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1 is our top choice for BF4 Hacks after a full month of testing game cheats at every site listed below; no other hack can touch IWantCheats. From our studies, we found the IWC Battlefield 4 Hacks have never once been detected, which makes this one of the best hacks to keep your CDKEY safe and keep you from ever being banned. IWantCheats also incorporates other features that you won't find on other cheat sites. One of the big new features of BF4 was the introduction of FF, this checks player stats and bans you if you seem to good. IWantCheats fixes this with random stats and makes sure you always stay safe when playing. We also found that any questions asked on the website usually gets answered in less than 15 minutes, making the mod software download team better than any other website. Our top recommendation and winner for best BF4 Hack goes to


2 has been around for over eight years, and their first hack was for BF2142, so needless to say they have major experience with Battlefield related games. Their Battlefield 4 Hacks are just as good as our number one spot, but we had a few hour delay getting answers to questions we asked on the forum. We did find the hacks performed great, and the customer service was super nice, so I guess it comes down to which forum you really like better when decided what BF4 hack you really want to use. fpscheats did have more members than any other website we tested, and the private forums were also very active. If you want a solid aimbot and great cheat FPS should be your choice.


3 also had a great BF4 Hack and made our top three listing. When comparing all top three spots, every hack performed equally to our liking, the only reason one website won over another was due to problems with the install or slower customer support. ilikecheats had a large community, good support and a perfect performing cheat; the only issue we had was the in-game menu wasn't as good as the other two on the top of our list. We also had a small delay in customer support, but the staff was very nice and polite to all of us.


4 is another website that's been around for a pretty good amount of time. We liked how the Battlefield 4 Hack performed, but we did have a few crashes using the hack, and when we installed the cheat it asked us to reboot the computer. We also found that the prices here were really high, and the features aren't always as extensive as other websites on our list. The really big issue was the way the mods treated customers; they were simply rude to many of them including us.

5 is run by one person who calls himself Tom, if you check the website he makes the cheats, and he has a few mods trying to help. When we tried to install the BF4 Aimbot we ran into some trouble, and our anti-virus acted up, so we went to test on a secure PC with no information on it. Our staff was told that we had to disable the AV, which we don't like, for that very reason the "Ease of Use" got a low end three scores. Pricing was also a bit high, and customer support was lacking, but they did have a huge feature set.

6 was a nice looking website and ranked pretty well for Battlefield 4 hacks when we searched for them online. The major issue we had with them is we all lost our CDKEYS after playing for just a few short hours, and we didn't play on the same day or the same update. We had major problems with all four staff members getting banned, and when we asked about the bans we were told they don't give refunds and sent a link to buy a new cd key. So for that very reason we would NOT recommend this website.

7 was a huge disappointment in the Battlefield 4 Hacks category for our testing. We found the pricing to be high, the features to be less than other sites and it took over an hour to get installed. They also offer almost no customer support for their users.


We expected more from using the cheats at due to some reviews on their website. When we tried the hack we noticed it had many bug issues, wasn't fun, and the website was almost dead from lack of use.


If you are looking for Battlefield 4 Hacks DO NOT use this website, they have no support, and it's hard to get a refund. The hacks did not work when we tested, and we had to issue a chargeback via our CC provider.


Another website we suggest you never use, this use to be someone who owned another site that stole money from people. So make sure you stay far away, you have been warned!

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